Fatdaddy has a wide selection of Airplane/Airline proof electric skateboards andAirplane/Airline proof electric longboards at all price levels, a tremendous assortment of the latest, high-tech accessories and the largest electric skateboard department.
With more than multiple physical stores, a team of engineers to fix the eBoards and a customer Stoke Team we are a retailer to trust.

Electric Skateboards with a battery pack with a maximum of 100Wh are more likely to be allowed on an airplane than eBoards with an integrated pack.

Want to ride an airplane approved skateboard/longboard? Try an airplane approved electric skateboard in one of our stores. Riding a airplane proof electric skateboard is really easy and you get a remote for throttle or braking. The boards are equipped with an internal battery and powerful motors.

We only offer airplane approved electric skateboards that we’re proud to put out into the world and prepared to support forever. Find your perfect all terrain electric skateboard match at Fatdaddy.

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